Art and Wine - A Natural Pairing

Last year, I was approached by the curator of Imagery Estate Winery to create a label for one of their wines. I could paint anything that I wanted, with the stipulation that, like every label they commission for their wines, it had to include a likeness of the Parthenon. I was thrilled for the opportunity to create a piece for them. 

I chose bright clear blues and warm golds for my palette, to evoke a summer’s day in wine country. Since my work is primarily abstract and pattern-focused, it was a bit of a challenge to incorporate the Parthenon image. I settled on creating an abstract landscape of a hill, with the building on top, and four stripes to represent the four front columns. 


A little more than a year ago, I delivered the finished painting. And last month, I visited the winery to collect some bottles of the wine they chose to pair with my art, their 2017 Tusca Brava. What a great experience! I’m delighted with how the label turned out and honored that they chose my art to be featured. Thank you to Kara and everyone at Imagery.

This wine will be officially released in summer 2020 - I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase. But I’ll be pouring some at my Open Studios, Oct 26-27 at Secession Art & Design - please join me if you can.