That empty spot on the wall

Decorating a space is hard. Usually, we pick a few statement pieces to anchor a room and then lose steam. I was looking at my home - at the funky corners and odd bits of wall. What would bring life to this alcove? How can we dress up the entryway?

What it needs is something modestly-sized and decorative, with enough color to tie together all the nearby spaces. I picked up my paint and some 12 x 12 inch panels. They're the perfect size for a complete visual story, without dominating a whole wall.

Out came a few lively paintings. I was surprised by how inspired I became by the practical problem of dressing up a corner.

Some are online - Clarity of Thought and The Deepest Sea - but I have four new ones in the studio. Reach out or stop by my studio at Secession Art & Design in San Francisco.