From panels to prints to pillows? New adventures in art

Dear friends,

At the end of April I participated in a big art show here in SF - the StARTup Art Fair. It was held in hotel rooms, which was pretty cool. And feeling inspired by the theme, I printed some of my art pieces onto fabric and covered the bed with a comforter and throw pillows.

While my new paintings, The Key to Happiness and This Kind of Romance, got a lot of positive attention - everyone wanted to take home a pillow! 

Of course, I didn't have many to sell - but I was inspired by the passionate response to them. Why not use fine art in actual decor?

So, I'm looking into making up some pillows for sale. In the meantime, prints and paintings are all still available. I'd love to know what pieces you'd like to see on your couch - do let me know! 



photo by Lisa J Ellis

photo by Lisa J Ellis