Some art explodes. Mine emerges.

Dear Friends,

Artists often get together and compare notes, techniques and inspiration. After these conversations, I sometimes wonder how much the art lover can see the range of process in the finished work. 

Some of my esteemed friends feel inspiration striking like lightning. Following its lead, they produce exceptional pieces at an almost frantic pace. It must be quite the experience!  For me, the process is a puzzle, slowly emerging:

  • Every piece has at least 10 layers of paint or medium, which must dry before I add the next. 
  • I start by setting up a "problem" - a sort of visual sudoku to resolve with paint.  Too simple, and I'm unsatisfied with the result. Too complicated, and the art gets cluttered.
  • The painting reveals itself to me over the course of days and weeks - and is often impossible to recreate.

My longer process matches the type of art I create. My paintings are vibrant, colorful but calming pieces that are visually resolved and pleasing. Sometimes, I wish the process were more evident, but I am happy if the result is joy.

Take a look at some of my recent pieces. I'm actually working on a few more right now at the studio, including the one above - I'll share them when they are done!